Finding the Right Counseling for Your Needs

Seeking Wise Counsel For Your Marriage

Hebrews 13:4 sums up the Bible's stance on marriage: "Let marriage be held in honor by all."  For Christians, marriage is considered a sacred relationship.  Those who find their mate and can join together matrimony are truly blessed by God!  A blushing bride and giddy groom might easily adhere to the Bible's standards of marriage.  However, real life experiences all too easily can erode a couple's feelings and commitment toward each other. Read More 

3 Tips For Helping Your Preteen Get Involved In Extracurricular Activities In Middle School

The transition from elementary school to middle school can be difficult for many preteens. This transition can be even harder for students who are moving to a new school.  As a result, they may seem reluctant to get involved in school sports, clubs and any other extracurricular activities. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can use in order to get your child more involved in school activities. Do Not Force Them to Participate Read More 

3 Effective Ways To Manage Your Anger

If you have anger issues that you have a hard time controlling, then you definitely need to evaluate yourself and try to change. If you really look into yourself and talk with an anger management counselor, you will be able to see some of the reasons why you have anger issues. Once you are aware of what the problems may be, you can better learn to control your anger. This article will discuss 3 effective ways to manage your anger. Read More 

Intervention: What Loved Ones Think To Be True But Really Isn’t

If you are tired of watching a loved one lead a life of addiction, you may want to do something to help him or her snap out of the addiction. An intervention may be one of the most powerful ways to do this, as it is a process that shows the addict that people care about them, that they need help and that there is help available. Unfortunately, interventions are often misunderstood. Read More