Support Your Sobriety With A Strong Support Network

If you are working hard to recover from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it is necessary to build a strong support network around you. When you are in the early stages of recovery and you go to a supervised detox center, you will be told about the benefits of peer support as you learn about addiction and how to better manage on a daily basis. As you meet new people on your journey, you will find that those who are healing and working hard will be open to making a connection. Read More 

Therapy for Work Stress Could Alleviate Anger Management Problems

Work relationships aren't the same as personal ones. Still, the people you deal with at work could become respected colleagues and, possible, close acquaintances. While the bonds may not be as strong as with your childhood friends, a positive bond can develop. The relationship, however, may shatter due to angry outbursts and obnoxious behavior. Work-related stress contributes to such egregious anger management issues. Before these issues destroy a professional relationship, it may be best to enroll in work stress therapy. Read More 

Breaking The Cycle Of Unease And Upheaval: How Family Therapy May Prevent Your Children From Inheriting Your Anxiety

While you may want your kids to have your gorgeous hair, genius IQ or artistic talents, you don't want them to inherit your anxiety. Unfortunately, when a parent suffers with anxiety, the whole family is adversely affected, but worse, still, the kids can grow up to eventually have their own permanent problems with this all too common affliction, which affects some 40 million people in the United States.  Anxiety may be something you're learning to deal with; however, it doesn't have to be something you automatically give to your kids. Read More 

3 Major Benefits Of Family Therapy

If your family is experiencing issues between members, it may be time to think about family therapy. A professional therapist can work with you to help you process whatever your family is going through, by helping you all to improve your communication methods and enhance the way you work through conflict. As you and your family attend regular sessions, you'll add new interpersonal skills to your life, which can be helpful as you interact as a family. Read More 

Work On Your Impulse Control Through Therapy

If you struggle with impulse control, a therapist who specializes in this area can help you. Those with poor impulse control can see this issue negatively affect many areas of their lives. You may harm the relationships that you have with family and friends, struggle to remain employed, and perhaps even run into trouble with the law. Not everyone who has impulse control can easily identify this issue as a concept. Read More