Was Your Last Attempt To Quite Opiates On Your Own A Failure? 3 Benefits Of Choosing To Go To Group Drug Detox Treatment

An opiate addiction is one of the most challenging types to overcome. Whether you tried drugs out of curiosity or developed an addiction to prescription painkillers, trying to get your life back on track is difficult. Many people try to quit opiates on their own for various reasons, and your desire to get sober as soon as possible is commendable. However, you do need to understand that opiates create chemical changes in your brain that trigger severe withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit. 

You might have gone back to using opiates if you experienced extreme symptoms such as vomiting and body pain. Failing to stay off drugs does not mean that you are a failure. Instead, it simply means that you need to search for a different solution. Seeking group drug detox treatment services gives you these benefits for getting sober that you cannot easily find when you try to go it alone.

Avoid Giving Into Your Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms can begin to kick in within just minutes to hours after your last dose of opiates. While mild symptoms may cause you to experience cravings for the drug, more severe ones may make you feel like you have to use them again to avoid having a medical emergency. During group detox, a professional monitors your symptoms and offers treatment options that help you feel more comfortable without having to rely upon opiates. You'll feel more confident about the safety of quitting the opiates when a professional can tell you that your health is okay.

Identify Effective Strategies to Prevent Relapse

Sheer willpower alone is not enough to get you sober. If it was, then you would see more people being able to just quit doing drugs. Group drug detox treatment also includes professional counseling that helps you learn why you use drugs and how to stop. During a group session, you might learn things that you can do to distract you from cravings or ways to avoid being around people who tempt you to use drugs. You can also practice things such as role-playing how to tell someone that you love that you are in recovery. Finding ways to manage common challenges that you'll face in sobriety is possible when you talk about them in a group.

Lean On People Who Understand Your Struggles

Trying to quit opiates alone is just lonely. You might have felt like no one else understood what you were going through. In your group detox treatment, you get to make some of your first sober friends. These people have all been through the pain of dealing with an addiction, and no one will judge anything that you say. Feeling this level of support for the first time helps you maintain momentum for staying sober during the detox process.