Is Work Stress Causing You To Do Drink Excessively? 3 Signs That You Need Substance Abuse Treatment To Preserve Your Career

Working your way up the career ladder is stressful, and maybe you used to find that a drink or two after work helped you relax. Unfortunately, that one glass of wine has turned into multiple drinks before you can achieve the same relaxing effects that you used to enjoy. In fact, you may have even found that drinking every night after work only leads to more problems, and you are now stuck in a vicious cycle that is the nature of alcohol addiction. Sadly, an addiction to alcohol takes time to develop, and it may have happened so slowly that you missed these warning signs that you need to seek substance abuse treatment before it affects your career.

You Skip Work Regularly

The majority of career positions require you to be at the office or worksite regularly. Unfortunately, you've found that you have been calling in sick more often after waking up with a hangover. Not only does skipping work make you seem unreliable to your managers or clients, but it also prevents you from gaining new skills that help you get promoted. Since many companies have established policies for how much sick time you can take, this sign of alcohol abuse can lead to termination.

You Receive Frequent Complaints

You've always been a hard worker, but your recent job performance has taken a nosedive. In fact, your recent job review revealed that others have noticed your declining performance. As hard as it is to hear negative feedback, you can look at this as a wake up call. Once you attend outpatient substance abuse treatment, you can begin to go to work sober and rebuild your reputation.

You Had a Close Call or Accident

Employers expect their employees to show up to work with a clear head and the capability to follow safety procedures. Whether you were drowsy from a hangover and almost missed the wet floor sign or were still inebriated during your shift and caused an accident, your job is on the line the minute that your employer considers you a safety hazard. Fortunately, the decision to seek treatment for your addiction helps you return to work sober so that you can avoid mishaps in the future.

In outpatient substance abuse treatment, you learn strategies that help you manage work stress without turning to drugs or alcohol. By making the decision to attend outpatient rehab, you reverse the negative cycle that alcohol creates and step on to a new path where your improved job performance helps reduce the stress you feel after work.